Man’s Sarcastic Quest To Find Package Thief Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Phoenix, Arizona resident Tim Lake is looking for the middle-aged woman who stole a package sent by from his front porch.

He’s looking for justice and is using humor to catch his thief, whom he alleged stole a few Keurig cups and two ice trays worth around $20. He has printed a few posters with a sarcastic description of the incident and described the culprit as follows: “Eyes vacant, uncaring and lacking a soul, height about yay.. hair — cheesy blond dye job, occupation: burglar.. wow is this a joke or what?”

Lake’s humorous quest to find the thief has gone viral, with his news story for Phoenix’s CBS 5 getting more than 733,000 views on YouTube.

Watch him detail what happened in the viral news report below.

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