Microsoft Developer Creates Unofficial Instagram App For Windows Phones


While Instagram has been a hit with iOS and Android users, it has so far not been officially available for the Windows Phone.

A French app developer is trying to change that. Cnet reported that Rudy Huyn, who also works for Microsoft, developed 6tag, which gives Windows Phone users the features and filters one would find on the official Instagram app.

Like the official Instagram app, 6tag for Windows Phone lets users share their photos through various social media networks like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter and allows tagging posts based on location.

While 6tag for Windows Phone has been rated favorably on the Windows Phone store website, The Verge reported that it has some privacy flaws. The app does not have a privacy policy, which is in violation of Windows Phone App Certification Policy 2.8. Also it doesn’t encrypt data and sends username info and other media to servers in France.

Facebook, the owner of Instagram, has tried to develop an app for the Windows Phone but The Verge reported that it has had trouble releasing it at this time. It is unclear when the official Instagram app for Windows Phone will be available.

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