Muscle Guy Can’t Open Water Bottle – Witness Socially Acceptable Bullying At Its Finest [VIDEO]

You know what I love? Double standards. I feed on human cruelty, and this baseball announcer mocking a musclehead for his inability to open a water bottle is a three-course meal with a protein shake supplement. At a Kansas City Royals game this week, the cameramen seized on an image of this meathead fumbling with the cap on an overpriced bottle of water and the play-by-play man mocked him for it. Now the clip is going viral with almost a million views so far. But what makes this any different than any standard bully footage? Someone is being made fun of for something they can’t control by a person in power.

Imagine if it were a super-effeminate over-the-top guy attempting this same feat with matched results — there would be an outcry. But because we perceive this guy as “bully-capable” he is ripe for parody. Granted, it’s an extreme case, and yes, it is pretty funny to watch, but I feel it is crucial to point out the hypocrisy of anti-bullying standards in all their forms. People want to open Pandora’s Box and do the whole sensitivity thing, I’m serving fair warning that comical clips like this will be off-limits. I heartily recommend abandoning the “fussy model” in favor of everyone getting a sense of humor.

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