New Tumblr from US Intelligence Services Promises US Citizens More Transparency Into Surveillance Activities

Yesterday, The Office of the Director of National Security launched the Tumblr IC on the Record in an effort to provide more transparency into the foreign surveillance activities conducted by US agencies.

“The intelligence community is creating a website that will serve as a hub for further transparency, and this will give Americans and the world the ability to learn more about what our intelligence community does and what it doesn’t do, how it carries out its mission, and why it does so,” Obama stated on August 9 after announcing plans for the blog.


Through IC on the Record, viewers will have access to official statements, declassified documents, speeches, interviews, fact sheets and videos. The blog was launched yesterday with an official statement posted on the Tumblr by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper wrote in his post:

“The goal of IC on the Record is to provide the public with direct access to factual information related to the lawful foreign surveillance activities carried out by the Intelligence Community. In addition to comprehensive explanations of the authorities under which the Intelligence Community conducts foreign surveillance, the site will address methods of collection, use of collected data, and oversight and compliance.”

Yahoo, which owns Tumblr, was originally marked as one of the nine technology companies being tapped for information by the NSA’s Prism program earlier this summer, but has now become the platform for U.S. agencies to release, rather than acquire, surveillance information.

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