NFL’s Manning Brothers Rap To The Tune of 4 Million YouTube Views [VIDEO]

The Mount Olympus of advertising used to be whether you could get the news to report your commercial as a story. Like your ad was so mind-boggling that it had to be classified as more than just an ad — it was pop culture. The new standard is when your advertisement goes viral on YouTube. Of course, you know you’ve really hit a homerun these days, metaphorically-speaking, when your ad does both.

DirectTV’s two-and-a-half minute pitch for “Football on Your Phone” featuring the two socially relevant Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli) has not only racked up over 4 million views online, but also been featured as a story by the likes of ABC News and, now, NMR. That’s some good advertising, DirectTV.

The ad, while not nearly as funny or clever as it is racking up the views for, still shows the two square-ass QB’s painfully rapping and I guess I’d rather have that for news than some real tragedy.

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