Older Brother Turns Kid Brother’s Room Into Sideways Nightmarescape Just For Kicks [VIDEO]

Last year, Tobia Mathijsen turned his younger brother’s bedroom into a pink, Justin Bieber-swathed pre-teen nightmare in one of the best pranks of 2012. The whole event racked up millions of views on YouTube. So naturally, Mathijsen had to return for a round two.

Almost one year later, with his kid brother’s room still dressed in pink, Mathijsen decided to further inflict havoc by flipping the very same room 90 degrees.

It’s probably one of the better pranks out there simply because of the sheer manpower needed to pull it off. Not to mention it turns a room into a total nightmarescape only found in horror movies and poorly-written vampire erotic fiction. Working title: “The Vampire’s 90 Degree Embrace.”


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