Ouroboros? Copperhead Snake Bites Itself After It’s Been Decapitated, Hillbilly Style [VIDEO]

I think if I had to pigeonhole myself as a writer, I would say my main beat is the “bad things happening to animals” niche — especially when that bad thing involves death.

Of course, while a venomous copperhead snake isn’t necessarily the cutest of animals, it’s still a shame to see one needlessly die, but it’s fucking amazing to see one bite the shit out of itself after it’s own head has been cut off. I’d like to believe if I got my head cut off, my body would take revenge on the ninja army responsible …

This viral video out of Huntsville, Alabama (home of Antoine Dodson!), has gone viral to the tune of over a million views in the last 72 hours. The man who filmed the video (and beheaded the snake) wanted to capture the body moving sans head and was surprised by the snake’s last ditch maneuver to “take a sucka with it.”

So you animal rights people don’t get too cagey, just know the man beheaded the snake so it wouldn’t bite his 4-year-old son or his trusted “smellhound.” Hate the game, not the playa.

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