Overly Attached Girlfriend Releases Video About Her New Man [HINT: He Looks Strangely Like Davey Wavey]

When you have a love connection this strong, why fight it?

In her latest video, Laina –the face and crazy eyes behind Overly Attached Girlfriend — is giving the world an unprecedented glimpse into her dating life and introducing viewers to her new boyfriend Davey Wavey. Wait, what?

After attempting to tell Laina that he is just a boy that is a friend, Davey brings out the big guns and shares with her that, like her, he also fancies the gentlemen of the world. The “couple” simultaneously released a video on Davey Wavey’s YouTube channel in which Laina outlines the rules of a monogamous relationship while poking holes in his condoms.

Laina’s relationship with Davey is not the first she has documented on YouTube; earlier in July, she released a video with YouTuber Jimmy Tatro chronicling the trials of “Normally Attached Girlfriend” showing what a typical relationship with a normally attached girlfriend is like.

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