Owner Of Dog That Was Shot In Viral Police Brutality Video Now Faces 5 Years In Jail

Back in July, a horrific video surfaced of Hawthorne, Calif. police fatally shooting a Rottweiler after arresting the dog’s owner for videotaping a crime scene. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, outraged countless people across the nation and even brought hacktivist group Anonymous into the mix. The police officers responsible for the shooting have since received threatening phone calls, emails and Facebook messages, which the Hawthorne P.D. commented on in July saying, “These are absolutely threats to life.”

But what of the dog’s owner, 52-year-old Leon Rosby? According to RT, Rosby faces up to five years jail time and is being held on $310,000 bail.

Almost immediately after the first video went viral forever darkening the shadow already surrounding California police, the Hawthorne P.D. issued a second video that featured more events leading up to the Rottweiler’s death. In the second video, Rosby can be heard taunting the arresting police officers.

After the footage was released, Rosby allegedly confronted the woman responsible for filming and disseminating the second video. According to KTLA, Rosby “verbally confronted” the woman and her son at their home.

Rosby has since been charged with two counts of intimidating a witness, two counts of dissuading a witness and two counts of making criminal threats. Each of of these charges, in California, are felonies.

Rosby’s attorney Mark Geragos is now claiming that the police are attempting to shift focus away from the shooting and onto Rosby’s crimes.

“The videos have shown that these cops killed this dog for absolutely no reason,” Geragos said. “That’s precisely why the cops now are scrambling to try to get him convicted, get him into custody and do anything else in order to try and turn the spotlight away from their actions.” Geragos said.


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