Pardonne-Moi: ‘In-the-Way Guy’ Ruins Every Photo And Nice Moment You’ve Got [GALLERY]

Meet this new passive-aggressive world’s way of enforcing social norms: the shame meme. In the same way that the internet punishes bad tippers, people who take up multiple spots when parking and scumbags named “Steve” and “Stacy,” we now have “In-the-way guy.” Quite simply, “In-the-way guy” ruins every nice moment, much as “Disaster model lady” was omnipresent at every catastrophe, manmade and natural.

The photo sensation, an awkward, fumbling man attempting to get out of the way, was born out of an engagement picture gone sour. Nick Landis and his girlfriend were visiting Walt Disney World when Landis handed off his camera to a park employee for a photo opportunity. As the employee prepared to snap the pic, Landis dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, at that moment, the unidentified man found himself between the romantic moment and the camera and a legend was born. Landis, a good sport, posted the photo to Reddit and “In-the-way guy” began showing up in every picture and event on social media. Now this poor bastard hilariously stands as a cautionary tale to every unintentional photo bomber everywhere: Get in the way of my photo and you could wind up the butt of the internet’s jokes.

I fully believe “memeaphobia” (“fear of internet shaming”) will become a prevailing stigma in the very near future.

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