Viral Tumblr ‘Hot-Dog Legs’ Satirizes Selfie Pictures By Replacing Human Legs With Hot Dogs

Collecting the best selfie photos of the summer, the viral Tumblr Hot-Dog Legs is capturing the memories of the summer with pictures of beach vacations, baseball games and hot dog legs. The Tumblr has become the latest internet craze as people post selfie pictures that ask the question: Are those legs or ballpark franks?

While some photos make minor mistakes giving the answer away — a foot is pictured, human legs can’t move at that angle, a large pack of dogs is seen in the background — many photos leave viewers without answers as to the photograph being made up human flesh or processed cow. The hot dog versus human leg photos were meant to poke fun at the thousands of selfie photos constantly clogging the homepage of Instagram.

The Tumblr’s founder Alexis Brault first started the hot dog trend as a post on his own personal blog, but expanded the project to his own Tumblr. “I run a French-Canadian cooking blog called Bob le Chef, and I thought it would be a great content idea,” Brault stated to Mashable. “Then I thought, ‘Why not make it look as if it was a trend that already existed on the Internet that I picked up?’ So I created the Tumblr from a couple pics of real legs I found on the net and added my own that I made with actual sausages.”

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