Photo Of Cop Rescuing Terrified Dog With Melted Paws Goes Viral On Facebook


Officer Nick Ague of South Londonderry, Pennsylvania, is a hero this week after photos capturing him rescuing an injured German Shepherd dog went viral.

On Sunday, Officer Ague was dispatched to a car crash in Palmyra where it was reported two dogs had escaped from the vehicle after the accident. While the border collie was quickly captured near the scene, the other dog — Mya the German shepherd — was nowhere in sight.

Reminded of his own German shepherd at home, Officer Ague decided to search for Mya. His team found her two miles away from the accident, but each time the patrol car approached, Mya would start running away. Eventually Mya stopped moving, and as Officer Ague approached, he saw that the pads of Mya’s paws had melted from her prolonged time running on the tarmac. Without a second thought, Officer Ague scooped up the 75-pound dog and carried her 100 yards back to her owner Megan Smith’s car.


“Just putting myself in the owner’s shoes, I would not want to be in that situation. I tried to right any wrong and do what I hoped someone would do for me,” Officer Ague told ABC News.

A photo of the rescue was later posted on the South Londonderry Township Police Facebook where it went viral with over 6,000 likes in four days. Following the photo’s shot to fame, Smith shared with ABC News that Mya’s paws have almost healed and she is now beginning to walk normally.

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