Pick-Up Artist Mehow is The Ultimate Wingman For Guys & Girls on Yahoo’s ‘The Girl’s Game’ [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

I really, really wanted to dislike Mehow, the pick-up artist behind the the new series “The Girl’s Game” on Yahoo. Nothing personal, it’s just guys like me who are always awkward about meeting girls hate the idea that 1) other guys have hooking up down to a teachable science and 2) Mehow, with his show, was now basically giving aid to the enemy: women. But when I met the Polish-born dating instructor at a tony Wilshire high-rise near Beverly Hills, I didn’t dislike him at all; in fact, I found him quite pleasant. I might even go so far as to think of him as brilliant.

Mehow (and yes, that is his real first name — I asked), does not look like your competition in the dating game. He’s smallish and save for his precise, tailored suit, he looks like he could repair vacuum cleaner motors or not find the gold ticket in a bar of Willy Wonka’s chocolate. In short, he looks like a lukewarm average male. The term “non-threatening” comes to mind. But the devil of Mehow, my friends, is in the details.


He’s been in the pick-up game for several years now, so he’s studied dating patterns and the male/female dynamic the way doctors study anatomy, and there is no alpha male swagger or overconfident bravado to the man. He’s unassuming and relaxed and you get the vibe that he just enjoys being around, and learning about, people. There is something sly about Mehow though and the more I talked with the man about life, dating and his new show, the more I realized just how good he was at his game.

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