Pick-Up Artist Mehow is The Ultimate Wingman For Guys & Girls on Yahoo’s ‘The Girl’s Game’ [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“The Girl’s Game,” released by Yahoo! TV, is essentially what could be construed as the worst possible scenario for guys: girls learning the secrets of the pick-up game. Via folks like Neil Strauss, who authored the pick-up artist’s bible “The Game,” and Mystery, the show-running pick-up artist beanpole in a furry top hat, we’ve seen meeting women get boiled down into a sort of psychology-heavy business. Strauss and Mystery basically taught us how to trick women into banging us whether they thought they liked us or not. It wasn’t a bad thing, because, well, at heart, we’re all really good guys, we just have a hard time exposing that side of us to women. And now, this Mehow guy has a show teaching women how they can get those douchey guys that all the rest of us hate to see girls end up with! Except that’s not it at all.

The brilliance of Mehow is that he is teaching pretty girls — who are just as awkward as guys it turns out — how to make the moves that make us want them! Basically, this guy is the world’s greatest wingman, working incognito! He’s teaching girls the proper way to treat us! He’s helping us all, guys and girls, mix and mingle like the olives at the bottom of a dirty martini. Girl’s aren’t the enemy — awkwardness is the enemy. And with the so-far nine episodes of his show available at Thegirlsgame.tv, Mehow is quickly eradicating the ish of dating, problem by problem. After all, these pretty girls that Mehow counsels have got to date someone … it might as well be you or me! Well, not me, I’m married, but certainly you.

As for what Mehow gets out of this (besides the exposure and celebrity)? I asked him if he was using “The Girl’s Game” as the most elaborate of pick-up artist long cons — the ol’ “help them to find ‘Mr. Right’ by being ‘Mr. Right’ himself” scam. Apparently that’s not the case, but then again, that’s akin to asking the magician to reveal his secrets. Some things are just better left to speculation.

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