Qaadir Calls Out YouTubers For Being Fake, Vicious Monsters, Warns Fans Against Believing All They See [VIDEO]

YouTuber Qaadir Howard has never shied away from sharing his controversial opinions with fans. When he made the decision to move back to Atlanta from Los Angeles in April, he inspired his fans with his honest accounts of the hardships he faced trying to make in the YouTube space. As Qaadir stated in a previous interview with NMR, “Sometimes you have to retreat from the battle to win the war.” In his most recent video “Your Purpose and YouTube Shade,” Qaadir talks about the toxic, political friendships between YouTubers.

“The so-called friendships are not real. The girls talk about each other like dogs. I’ve been there for it. They’ll talk about you like a dog one day, the next day you’ll be in their video, on their Instagram, it’s a mess,” Qaadir reveals in the video. “A lot of these girls are monsters — that’s just my own personal opinion — a lot of them are monsters and they’re not who you think they are, they’re not the personality that they portray on YouTube.”

Qaadir’s video is further confirmation that the YouTube community is slowly transforming into a mini Hollywood, complete with its fake friendships and backstabbing drama. As YouTubers fight to gain legitimacy and respect from traditional media, they now approach their channel as a business project with many of their videos appearing scripted, censored and fake. Qaadir admits to having sometimes participated in these “fake” relationships, and though he says he has no excuse to justify it, he states he is no longer participating in these friendships.

“When you’re there, the politics, it’s kind of like, look, if you want to get ahead, you got to play the game, and if you’re gonna play the game, you have to play by the laws of the land. You know it’s very vicious, it’s very dog eat dog, it’s very, you know, let me step on this b*tch to take the next step up. That’s why I wasn’t involved that long. That’s not my spirit,” says Qaadir.


While Qaadir refuses to confirm or deny the YouTubers he is talking about, comments below the video have thrown around the names of famous YouTubers such as Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles. In an ending note, Qaadir encourages people to find their purpose by pursuing what they love, but remembering along the way, everything that glitters is not gold.

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