Redditor Gets His Bags Paid For With Viral Note of Random Kindness


Reddit is apparently the gift that keeps on giving …

With all the mooks of the world evidently running off to join other websites, Reddit has now begun to instill itself as one of those “do-gooder websites” with a horny bent, like The Chive. Amidst all the random acts of charity and human kindness that populate the site on a daily basis now (as opposed to all the lechery and cruelty that it used to be known for), one note in particular is standing out from the crowd.

A Redditor named Andy posted a picture of a note left for him by a stranger at the Tampa airport last week, and now the rest of the country is eating up that note like sweet, sweet candy. The note details how the benefactor overheard that Andy’s card had been declined when he was going to pay the baggage fees (goddamn baggage fees), and when Andy stepped out of line to call his credit card company, he returned to find that the baggage fees had been paid by an anonymous benefactor with sloppy penmanship.

Now more people are chiming in on Reddit with stories of similar benevolence, and the world is becoming a marginally nicer place. Of course, this is where scumbags like me thrive. Now I am always going to take a bum credit card with me to the airport just so I can hope the guy behind me will leap at the chance to pay my bag fees. Or I could just fly Southwest “where bags fly free” … nah, fuck it, I prefer the scam.

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