Redditor’s Photo of Cat’s Hilarious Smiling Face Raises Nearly $1,000 For Animal Shelters


When Reddit user Akslfak posted a photo of his cat Refurb’s infectious smile on Something Awful and Imgur, he never expected that it would raise nearly $1,000 towards animal shelters worldwide.

He shared the photo throughout several forums and joked to a commenter that if he donated $10 to his local animal shelter, he would mail Refurb’s paw print autograph. Akslfak didn’t expect the commenter to donate the money, but the commenter did, and dozens of others followed suit.

He explained in his imgur page: “Less than a week later, there had been 35 donations from all over the US, and six different countries across four continents. Donations are still coming in, too.”

Since sharing his cat’s story on Imgur, Akslfak has raised $900 towards animal shelters worldwide and is trying to keep up with sending paw prints to donors.

Akslfak added: “This is by a wide margin the silliest thing that I have ever done, and yet I don’t feel that silly about having helped out some animals that need it. However, I will feel silly when I go to the post office with a postcard of my cat’s paw print, asking for postage to Australia.”

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