Reloaded Films Attacks Indiegogo To Crowdfund Sci-Fi Short ‘Icarus Down’

This is what I see as the future of Hollywood. Those bloated old dinosaurs in the film business are going to choke themselves out, and crowdfunded low-budget high concept interesting fare is going to replace it. Those dumbasses of Generation X wanted base, soulless blockbusters (which resulted in the awful, awful films of the 2000s) — us better generations crave more than that. As a result, we need a little love to go towards “Icarus Down” a film that looks straight out of the oeuvre of James Cameron — dark, ominous fantasy.

As a nut for not just dark films, but really icky, mindfuck style stuff, I am excited by the prospect of “Icarus Down,” which has already completed principal photography (that is to say, they have filmed the entire movie already, not that they are taking pictures of school principals … it’s an easy mistake to make) and now they are raising money to complete the special effects stuff as well as to thread an appropriate score around this mother. They’ve already got $11,000 of their $15,000 goal, but with less than three days left on their Indiegogo campaign, they need another push from you — or a less-poor version of you.

Fortunately, the creative minds at Reloaded Films went with Indiegogo, so they will likely get most of the money raised, but still, the difference between $11,000 and $15,000 on a low-budget film is substantial, so don’t get cheap on me, Dodgson (anyone else see “Jurassic Park”? That movie was sweet!).