‘Saints Row IV’ Footage On YouTube Is Being Flagged By A Game Publisher That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

By the time you read this sentence, “Saints Row IV” will have hit U.S. shores in all of its dubstep gun, NSFW, purple-draped madness. The fourth installment in the “Saints Row” universe has been highly anticipated since it was announced several years ago. Of course, as the game launched in the United States (Europe and Japan forthcoming), gamers on YouTube have started uploading gameplay footage and a plethora of tutorials.

Then things were totally cool and nobody had their content pulled from YouTube … just kidding. Early reports from YouTube gamers are still coming in, but it looks like anyone uploading “Saints Row IV” content can expect to get the business end of the ban hammer from THQ. Here is the strange thing though: THQ filed for bankruptcy back in December of 2012.



“Saints Row IV” was developed by Volition, Inc. and published by Deep Silver, so what is THQ doing banning new Saints content? It looks as if YouTube has not got the notice that THQ is no longer publishing the “Saints Row” franchise, yet they are still calling folks out for “matched” third-party content.


This naturally is a small problem for creators who want to dispute the claim with THQ because, you know, THQ doesn’t really exist anymore. As for YouTube’s role in all of this, as we have discussed before, the Google-owned site doesn’t typically get involved with matching claims, they just issue the notice and step out. Hopefully, however, this will be one instance where YouTube will step in and end the ghost bans.

Oh “Ghost Bans,” that would be a fun game.


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