Screengrab App Promises To Overwhelm Snapchat’s ‘No Savesies’ Premise

This is why we can’t have nice things …

The newest company looking to shit on Snapchat’s wonderful premise has just emerged from the woodworks. Sepia Software, a suspiciously bare bones website, has just put out an app with the unmistakable name of “Screenshot Save for Snapchat.” It’s currently available for $1.99 from app stores and promises to undermine the technology that makes Snapchat a company currently valued at 800 million dollars.


The question is why? The folks at Sepia Software are allegedly not returning emails as to their motivations, but considering that the app’s sole purpose is to keep things around that by design are not meant to be kept, well, you can see why they are reluctant to give any answers. This is a troll money grab.

Snapchat, for those of you who don’t partake, is a mobile app that allows users to dispense photos to subscribers with the notion that they cannot be saved, and essentially “self destruct” after ten or so seconds. Now ask yourself, what kind of pictures would people want to send that they wouldn’t want someone to keep? According to Snapchat, two million photos are being sent a day. That’s a lot of dirty business that threatens to get exposed.

Every time one of these apps or hacks pops up, I can’t help but imagine some neckbeard somewhere who is just so bitter that no one is sexting him. It’s like a James Bond supervillain whose total focus is only minorly inconveniencing everyone else’s good time.

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