Sesame Street Takes On ‘Sons of Anarchy’ … Wait, What? [VIDEO]

Dare I say “Sesame Street” has become badass? In what is easily the coolest thing “Sesame Street” has done since that really controversial pro-Satan episode they did back in 2006 (actually, I think I’m making that up), the Muppets have taken on “Sons of Anarchy,” the hard-hitting FX show about an outlaw motorcycle gang. Of course, being “Sesame Street,” the motorcycle gang is called the “Sons of Poetry,” and they roam the countryside not raping and pillaging, but helping people with rhymes.

Everything about this video works — from the Muppets — who were totally recognizable as their characters — to the payoff, in which the gang takes the foxy female poet for their own salacious purposes. It totally teaches kids about the need for motorcycle gangs to have “groupies,” and I dig the fuck out of it. We lost Generation’s X & Y to *itchy entitlement and navel-gazing — I feel like this new, hard-edge Sesame Street is going to correct the future generations.

Now if only we could get “Sesame Street” to teach kids how to roll a proper joint, we’d be in business.

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