Sheriff 4chan Strikes Again: Vine ‘Kitten Kicker’ Arrested For Animal Cruelty

Okay, so we can all agree Walter Easley is the worst person in the world right now, but at least there is going to be some sweet justice … maybe. Easley is a South Carolina teenager who shot to the top of the internet’s most wanted list last week for filming a Vine bit in which he punts a kitty-cat off his porch. Initially 4chan tracked him down and published his home address — actions which Easley shrugged off on his Twitter account, reportedly writing: “Lol, now I got something to laugh at all day” and also threatening to kick more cats.

With added harassment including the posting of his phone number, Easley finally privated all his social media accounts, and Vine pulled the offending video offline. Now the teen has been arrested and is charged with “animal cruelty.” While only a misdemeanor, if Easley is convicted, he could spend up to 60 days in jail. Daaaaaamn.

The lesson here, people, thus becomes: if you abuse your animals, for god’s sake, don’t film it. Really, you shouldn’t harm animals at all, but that’s a lecture for a different video.

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