Smosh, Clevver TV & The Alloy Digital Family Are Hungry For Your Banana At VidCon 2013 [VIDEO]

It’s official, the YouTube creators at Alloy Digital are going bananas for this year’s VidCon. During the last two weeks, Alloy’s channels, such as Smosh, Smosh Games, Clevver TV, Teen and Clevver Movies, have teased fans with random banana appearances in their videos. And as it turns out, these fruit -filled appearances were anything but random.

Clevver TV movie host Erin White explained in a video that Alloy Digital is using bananas as a theme for this years VidCon celebrations and rewarding fans dressed up with bananas. For the next two days at VidCon, the creators of Alloy Digital will be walking around the convention center looking for fans with banana accessories — tattoos, shirts, full body costumes — and rewarding them with free signed swag, iTunes gift cards, t-shirts and the chance to appear in an collaboration video Alloy creators will be filming on Saturday. It should be noted that fans have to be discovered by Alloy creators and cannot simply walk up to their VidCon booth to receive their prizes.

And while, at one time, people probably told you buying a full-body banana costume was a “waste of money,” now the joke’s on them because you own a Smosh shirt and they do not.

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