Social Hub Subblime Can Now Be Linked To In YouTube Annotations By All Participating Creators

After a generally positive launch in June, social hub Subblime has continued to innovate and create new ways for YouTube creators to work with brands and in turn engage with their audience. Of course, that is all corporate talk to say Subblime is kicking ass and brands are signing up left and right to hopefully get creators like Elle Walker (What’sUpElle) to “list” their products.


Adding to their spirit of innovation, Subblime has announced that they believe themselves to be one of the first companies that can be linked out to in YouTube merch annotations. Traditionally, merch annotations on YouTube are only authorized for merchandise that is specifically licensed or owned by the creator linking to it.

For example, if EpicMealTime were to set up merch annotations, the website they linked to would have to be owned by EMT or the network they belonged to. However, with this new functionality from Subblime, creators can also link to Subblime without disrupting any kind of YouTube policy.

According to a statement issued by Subblime, the digital marketplace platform is hoping to become an integral part of the rapidly growing YouTube “ecosystem.”


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