Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes Premieres New Shows As Part Of YouTube Geek Week — Excelsior!

Not including Stan Lee during YouTube’s Geek Week would be like Shark Week just showing a bunch of old reruns of “The Price Is Right.” Sure, classic Bob Barker is great (god rest his pervy soul), but when I tune into Shark Week you better believe I want to see a shark or two chomping the holy hell out of a narwhal.

Luckily, Stan Lee’s YouTube channel World of Heroes is making a big splash (see above for pun) during the first annual Geek Week. While there’ll be no narwhal-chomping, WOH is launching a plethora of new comic and game inspired videos today and throughout the week.

First up is the premiere of “Marvelous Movie Shawarma,” which gives viewers a sneak peak at a few alternate endings from some of the biggest upcoming Marvel movies like “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” And how does Stan Lee already know how these movies will end, you ask? HE’S STAN LEE DAMMIT, HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS.

Sorry for yelling. WOH will also look at Stan Lee’s various unknown videogame cameos in the new series “8-Bit Stan Cameos.” Finally, premiering this Friday, the third installment of the Speed Dating Trilogy will premiere with the help of YouTube channel The Nerdist in the form of “Star Wars Speed Dating.” If I were a betting man, I’d guess that Billy Dee Williams would clean house at during a speed dating session.


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