State Wildlife Agency Takes Away Hillbilly Couple’s Pet Raccoon After Success Of Viral Video

Self-proclaimed hillbilly Mark Brown saw the dark side of YouTube fame this week after the success of his viral home video turned sour. A native of Gallatin, Tennessee, Mark Brown first became known on YouTube after a video of him dancing with his pet raccoon Rebekah “Gunshow” Rippy went viral with over 1 million views.

Last week, Brown was visited by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency who removed Rebekah from the Brown’s care on the grounds that they had received complaints from neighbors about the animal. Rebekah was relocated to a local wildlife rehabilitation and education center where she will be used as a tool to show at local schools and colleges.

But Brown is not taking this lying down and has created the campaign “Free Rebekah.” Brown has made the direct appeal to Governor Bill Haslam to help Brown and his wife get the correct permits to bring Rebekah home. Supporters for the campaign have spammed the governor’s Facebook page demanding the state return Rebekah to her family, but they have yet to see success in their efforts. Fingers — and paws — crossed, Rebekah will soon be reunited with her family for more backwoods fun.

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