Student’s ‘Experimental Literary Piece’ Tumblr Turns into a Five-Year Probation for Terrorist Threats


What started out as a joke on Caleb Jamaal Clemmons’ Tumblr page has turned into a controversy over whether or not a college student should be sentenced to probation for his fake terroristic threat.

The local newspaper The Statesboro Herald reported that Clemmons, a former Georgia Southern University student, pled guilty this week to making terroristic threats through his Tumblr after posting this vague threat under his Ryan Lang alter ego: “Hello. my name is irenigg and i plan on shooting up georgia southern. pass this around to see the affect it has. to see if i get arrested.”

He was sentenced to five years’ probation. As part of the plea deal, he is forbidden from entering four counties in Georgia, including the one where his university is located, and is banned from social media for five years.

Police arrested Clemmons in February after his posting of the message on his Tumblr. A subsequent search of his apartment found no evidence that he was plotting an attack on the campus. According to the petition asking for Clemmons’ release, he claimed that his Tumblr post was “was an experimental literary piece and an art project for a character named Ryan Lang he created.”

The petition added: “He went out of his way entertain his followers and friends with uncanny jokes as well as complex philosophical ideas. He has addressed this openly and personally upon receiving questioning of his posts.”

Despite the petition, Clemmons could not be released before his court date because the $20,000 bail was too much for his family to pay so he spent most of his time before the date in jail.

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