Subblime Founder and WhatsupElle Advise YouTubers On How To Take Their Fan Interaction To The Next Level [INTERVIEW]

Created in late 2012, Subblime has become a notable platform where YouTubers can share with fans information about the creators’ favorite products, clothing brands and stores. With a similar appearance to Pinterest, Subblime allows YouTube creators to make accounts where they organize photos and information under different folders.

The platform was founded by entrepreneur Adam Winnick, Kevin Stone and well-known YouTuber Elle Walker of WhatsupElle, and has continued to sign some of YouTube’s biggest creators including Jess Lizama, 4YallEntertainment, Karen Kavett, Anna Lichty and the creators of Wonderly. Standing outside their booth among the thousands of VidCon attendees, Elle Walker (WhatsupElle) and Subblime Founder Adam Winnick talked with NMR about what Subblime has to offer YouTube creators and why their platform has been popular thus far.

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