Teenaged Dodger Fan Featured In Viral Video With Matt Kemp Dies

While attending the Dodgers versus Giants baseball game in May, terminally ill 19-year-old Joshua Jones was left speechless after Dodger player Matt Kemp handed Jones his hat, jersey, cleats and autographed ball. A video capturing Kemp’s random act of kindness was later uploaded onto YouTube by Jones’s best friend Tommy Schultz where it quickly went viral with 3.1 million views.

Sadly, on Tuesday night, Joshua Jones passed away after a long battle with terminal brain cancer. In the months preceding Jones’s death, Kemp flew his 19-year-old fan Jones to Los Angeles to watch a game and meet the rest of the Dodger team.

In a statement released by his agent, Kemp commented about Joshua Jones, saying, “He has given me a new perspective on the things that are really important in life.”


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