The 5 Best Movie-Related Channels on YouTube [VIDEOS]

Since we’re right smack dab in the middle of the summer movie season and it’s a lazy sort of Friday, we decided we’d rather be at the movies today. But since we can’t be at the movies, NMR figures that the next best thing is to be on sites that report on the movies. We have a strange sort of logic in that regard. And since we’re already on sites that talk about filmmaking in all its forms, we might as well bring you a sweet list of the very best of what’s out there in YouTube movie sites. Here are the five best sites dealing with moviedom on YouTube. And guess what? If you disagree, well then, that’s just, like, your opinion, man. LEBOWSKI!!!!!!

5. What the Flick?!

Brought to us by The Young Turks network, What the Flick is one of the more tolerable online movie review channels. Mostly, I can’t stand watching movie reviewers because they offer an unlikable glimpse into a personality type that I share: the smarmy, condescending, elitist prick who never creates content, yet feels sufficiently qualified to judge others’ content. As such, most of the time, watching movie reviewers pontificate is like looking into the portrait of Dorian Gray. Yet this pleasant roundtable of affable adults is very Young Turks-like in their delivery, and since I like the Young Turks, I like What the Flick?! Simple as that.

4. Expert Village

This is a little bit of a cheat as Expert Village is not expressly a “movie site” but rather a collective of user-generated how-to’s that offer comprehensive advice in a wide range of topics — but one of those topics is making movies, and they delve into a broad spectrum of moviemaking advice for you DIY types. Everything is covered in their array of videos — from writing a script to storyboarding to casting and setting up shots. Also they offer editing tutorials as well as industry program tutorials and special effects tricks. If you can’t make a Hollywood-quality film after watching every tip on Expert Village, well then at least we know the problem lies within you.

3. MovieClips

Yes, this is likely some jointly-funded site run by a consortium of big Hollywood studios, but not only can you watch ALL the trailers for MOST of the movies coming soon, but they also give you sweet behind-the-scenes content, interesting analysis of films, box office numbers and fun numbers breakdowns like this one detailing how much it would actually cost to be your own Batman. Turns out it’s not unaffordable at $79 million. But as far as movie sites go, this one has a little bit of everything … it’s like the Walmart of YouTube movie sites.

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