The 5 Best Movie-Related Channels on YouTube [VIDEOS]

2. SpeedRun 1 Minute Films

Only got about a minute to watch a feature-length movie? Lucky for you, 1A4Studio has your back. Taking classic movies and shitting out all the unnecessary stuff like emotion, shot composition and usually coherence, Speedrun presents the finest stick figure features this side of North Korea. From “The Matrix” to “Blade Runner” to “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” and “The Big Lebowski,” this crew only works with the top tier in awesome Hollywood entertainment. You won’t find “Air Bud” here, Matt Manarino, so just keep right on walking.

1. CineFix

These folks are the movie connoisseurs’ best friends. Not only do they painstakingly recreate movie scenes shot-for-shot because they are HUGE MOVIE NERDS, but they also do BTS stuff, film analysis and tons of best of lists, featuring just about any discussion you want to have. If they haven’t discussed it, it probably isn’t relevant, so maybe put that in your pipe and smoke it. These guys rule at what they do.

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