The Collective Digital Studio’s VidCon Party Lights Up DisneyLand And The House of Blues


Set against the backdrop of Disneyland fireworks, tourists and the House of Blues: Anaheim, the Collective Digital Studio party in conjunction with NewMediaRockstars was the “in” scene on Thursday night, bringing out the glittering stars of YouTube.

Coming off of VidCon 2013’s “Industry Day,” many of the Collective Digital Studio’s impressive roster of YouTube scenesters were there including Epic Meal Time, Lucas Cruikshank (who you probably know better as Fred), DaneBoe, Hannah Hart, Olga Kay, Rhett & Link and the up-and-coming scenesters of Hot Mess (who were in top form comedy-wise) mingled with the likes of Smosh, Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig and Danisnotonfire (amongst many, many others). It was a veritable cornucopia of A-listers, perfectly foreshadowing the scene that was to follow on Friday and Saturday at the Convention Center in Anaheim.

Having taken in a few of the social scenes that accompanied VidCon, the Collective Digital Studio’s party was one of the more decidedly adult affairs as the free alcohol flowed, the DJ dropped an eclectic mix of hits and there was nary a go-kart or shrieking tween in sight — at least not on the outside terrace where the party raged. Down below was a different scene; a throng of curious onlookers sporting mouse ears, Hawaiian prints and sunburns gathered around the entrance of the HOB in Downtown Disney to “ooh” and “aah” over the constant stream of arriving YouTubers. Let’s say that if you were an autograph enthusiast, it was a hell of a night to be at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Of course, no epic party would be complete without swag bags teeming with cool goodies and gadgets, and the Collective bags were downright weighty with the likes of glamor products, iPhone accoutrements and a T-shirt from the greatest new media organization on the planet. And as the party raged fully until the wee hours, lets just say that VidCon proper came early for the lot of us. Let’s just say that the Anaheim Convention Center needs a Bloody Mary station, stat.

Photos by Ed Carrasco.

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