The Girls Behind ‘Hot Mess Moves’ Talk What Makes A Hot Mess Woman & The Show’s Inspiration [INTERVIEW]

Lucy and Ethel, Thelma and Louise, Elliot and Carla, and now, Lyle Friedman and Ashley Skidmore.

The writers and stars of the web series “Hot Mess Moves,” Lyle and Ashley, first met in a class at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the famous improv theatre in New York. Though complete opposites in personality — Lyle is lovably neurotic while Ashley is outgoing and confident — together, the girls create a perfect chemistry both on and off camera. The web series’ first episode launched today and features the girls trying to work through their relationship problems together on a bench in New York City.

The series is centered around the hot mess situations that 20-something girls living in the city often find their lives consumed by. “Women can be funny and do guy things and not have to talk only about their vaginas to be funny,” Ashley comments about the groundbreaking content of the show. Lyle added: “Maybe it’s not even just women being funny, it’s just sort of like if people in general could just get a little more honest about what fuck ups they are, I think everybody would feel a lot better.”

Looking forward to future episodes, which will be released every Tuesday and Thursday, Ashley gave insight into what the first season would hold, saying, “First season is a sprinkling of typical girl problems, New York nightlife centric situations, and the girls just being messes over and over again. But hot! Always hot. Hot messes.”

Sitting among the confetti and empty alcohol bottles scattered about the “Hot Mess Moves” photoshoot, NMR talked with Lyle and Ashley about the inspiration behind the show, why YouTube was the perfect platform and their strong belief that female comedians should be able to make dick jokes. The full interview can be seen in the video up top.

Check out the show’s first episode titled “#daddyissues” below.

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