Top 5 Items You’ll Immediately Love In The 2013 Swag Bag

Just can’t wait to get your hands on a 2013 VidCon swag bag? Well, lucky for you, the staff at NMR  broke in and stole commandeered our very own VidCon bags when a feature interview took us right to the steps of the Anaheim Convention Center — otherwise known as our home for the next three days. We’ve all made our predictions about the upcoming VidCon and planned out which panels and signings we want to attend on each given day. And now, just 24 hours before the community pass holders arrive at VidCon for a weekend of madness, NMR is giving you a first-hand look at the top five coolest items found in this year’s swag bag that you’ll be talking about until next year’s event.


5.  VidCon Bingo

Looking to make this year’s conference a little more interesting, YouTube has created a VidCon 2013 bingo card for you to fill in throughout the day. Once you fill in the entire card, return to the VidCon quest booth (number 202 on the map) to win prizes to throw into your swag bag! The bingo card also recommends YouTube fans download the VidCon 2013 app to learn about other fun activities happening at the event.


4. Guitar Picks and Temporary Tattoos

Looking to become a hardcore musician? Slap on your Maker Studio temporary tattoo– yeah, that’s badass — and start strumming away with your two dark blue guitar picks to earn some extra tips outside the convention center.


3. StyleHaul Sunglasses and Bare Mineral Lip Gloss

The 2013 swag bag is giving each of us a little makeover with a pocket size, light pink bare Minerals lip gloss and stylish wayfarer sunglasses compliments of StyleHaul. Bare Minerals also included information about their Digital Creators Program which provides YouTubers with discounts on products, and the opportunity to work with a makeup artist during a filming shoot.


2. Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

To help cure bad breath, the Orabrush tongue cleaner gives you a super-clean, residue-free, mouth in just two minutes. So if your forget your gum — which you won’t because you packed your VidCon 2013 survival guide according to NMR standards —  give your tongue a good scrub with your Orabrush to guarantee a minty fresh fan meet and greet.


1. PooTube Poo-Pourri

As written on the air freshener’s card, “Whether your video has 10 views or 10 million views … your poop still stinks!” To avoid an awkward bathroom situation, spray your Poo- Pourri before you take a YouTube poo and keep the restroom smelling fresh and clean long after you’ve left.

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