The Xbox One Gets Unboxed By Microsoft, Commenters Implode With Gamer Rage [VIDEO]

After one of the worst console unveilings in history, a ship-jumping CEO and countless PR nightmares, Microsoft has officially released an unboxing video for their next-gen console the Xbox One.

When the Xbox One was revealed earlier this year, its “always online” and DRM requirements sent the internet into a frenzy of Incredible Hulk-level rage, which forced the company to reverse the majority of their unpopular policies.

Fortunately for Microsoft, gamers have since simmered and seem content to squabble instead over the difference between Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC gaming. Of course, those conversations are always civil and insanely rational. Take for example:


Here’s hoping that people keep having these types of culturally-impactful conversations as both consoles get closer to release.

Until then, check out the Xbox One get unboxed (pun?) in the video above.


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