This Is The Worst Startup Idea Ever — Let’s Watch Someone Try To Pitch It [VIDEO]

There is an old adage that goes like this: If you lay with Silicon Beach / Valley entrepreneur types, you’re bound to hear more than a few shitty startup ideas. Okay, sure it hasn’t caught on as quickly as “don’t count your chickens, etc,” but it does hold, like a brilliant ear of corn, a deep and insightful kernel of truth.

And because we are civil human beings, when we hear about “Facebook, but like 100 times better,” we must nod, smile and try our hardest not to tell them that their idea sucks. Because you know what? It might be the next Facebook, and no one wants to be the guy who called Mark Zuckerberg a dick at the end of the day. The massive success of dumb ideas that turned out to be amazing (Twitter) have left us too scared to squarely look some young Harvard grad in the face and say, “No, that is actually an awful idea. Your parents should have never payed for you to attend university.”

Luckily, we’ll always have creators like Alex J. Mann who, in the above YouTube video, pitches his startup app Coyote to what seems like a very confused investor. Check out the prank above and support the Coyote Kickstarter … nah, I’m just kidding — this is a real awful idea and no one should ever support it financially or otherwise.


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