Tiffany Alvord, Max Schneider, MysteryGuitarMan & More Share Their Favorite Moments Of VidCon 2013 [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

They had waited for hours to meet their favorite creators, and standing among these avid internet fans on the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, it was impossible not to be overwhelmed by their energy and general love for the YouTube platform.

Behind the scenes, YouTubers such as Tiffany Alvord and Max Schneider were equally — if not more — excited to see the fans who had supported their YouTube channels from the beginning. In between their scheduled signing and performances, YouTube creators could be found milling around the floor of VidCon signing autographs and meeting with fans one on one. It was quite a weekend as NMR had the chance to talk about the success of VidCon with creators such as Awkward Kids, Tiffany Alvord, Max Schneider, Ali Brustofski, Yellowpaco, Bad Weather Films, Streetlight, Mysteryguitarman and Flula. Making it to the front of these these creators’ mobs of fans with little to no injury, NMR had the opportunity to talk with them about the people they are most excited to see and their favorite moments of VidCon 2013.

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