Tubular Labs Opens Its Real-Time Analytics Dashboard To The Public


Audience analytics and insights company Tubular Labs announced today that it has made its Tubular real-time dashboard open to all creators.

The dashboard helps content creators understand who makes up their audience and their viewing preferences on YouTube as well as finding out when is the right time to post content based on audience activity.

Content creators can track analytics based on numerous factors, including demographics, countries of origin, number of subscribers and more. This can help them make informed decisions based on billions of social engagements and videos uploaded to YouTube.

Rob Gabel, co-founder and CEO of Tubular Labs, explained the new product in a statement: “Technology is driving massive transformation in the analytics and video industries. Analytics are transforming from panel-driven, historical reports into real-time, interactive applications powered by big-data insights.  Video is transforming from broadcast and cable TV into a global, mobile, open and increasingly social set of communities. Merge real-time audience analytics with the advocacy and hyper-interactivity of today’s viewing population and you can imagine the level of insights and actionable marketing applications we can build – that’s Tubular.”

Some of the big names in online video have already use the Tubular dashboard for their analytics and insights including AwesomenessTV, Big Frame and Machinima.

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