Turn Left, You Pinnochio-Nosed Motherf**ker! Barely Political Envisions The ‘Rhubarb Lady’ GPS [VIDEO]

The viral video of 2013 just became the must-have, wishful-thinking product of the year. If this GPS device featuring the sharp-tongued abrasive voice of the “Rhubarb Lady” was actually an option, I would already have two (to make them fight). The beautiful thing is that this brilliant video from Barely Political can be a reality. Somebody give this woman a bunch of money (or rhubarb) and sit her down in a recording studio. God, I’m actually, like, hyperventilating about the possibility of this … maybe I should get into S&M or something — apparently I really like to be screamed at.

Sigh, sadly we will likely never see this terrific fucking innovation hit store shelves … if only GPS devices weren’t rendered near irrelevant by smartphones with Google Maps. Damn you, technology!

Here are more people who deserve money for doing random stuff:

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