Twitter Tests New TV Feature That Will Allow Users To Better Keep Up With Their Favorite Shows


Twitter has recently begun testing a new feature that places cards with links to popular TV shows at the top of users’ timelines. With the new feature, Twitter is working to increase traffic and the amount of TV content available on the platform. The TV cards will display links to the show’s Twitter account, related tweets about the show, and links to the Twitter accounts of actors and hosts of the show.

The feature is only available to a limited group of users, including Anthony Geranio, who first reported seeing the feature on his iOS app. “Once you refresh, the trending box shows up. However, when you start scrolling the box flows down with your timeline,” Geranio stated in an interview with TechCrunch. “Over time, or when an insane number of tweets come out about the show, the box goes back to the top.”

The new TV feature will allow Twitter users to easily follow and communicate about their favorite shows. As of now, no date has been released stating when the feature will be available to all users.

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