Two Platonic Friends Attempt To Fall In Love In 40 Days, Document Their Adventures Online For The World To See

Tired of the New York City dating scene and single at the same time, long-time friends Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman decided to embark on an experiment called Forty Days of Dating. For 40 days, Jessica and Tim have gone through the motions of a relationship to see if they’d fall in love, or fall back into their old bad habits. Their adventures are fully documented on their blog Forty Days of Dating.

Walsh, a designer based in New York City, describes herself as a hopeless romantic desperately looking for “the one.” Tim, on the other hand, also a designer in New York City, dates many girls at a time but disappears once things start to get serious. The “faux couple” asked each other: Could two people with different issues be the perfect match?


The experiment has six rules:

1. Tim and Jessica will see each other everyday.

2. They will go on at least three dates a week.

3. They will see a couples therapist once a week.

4. They will go on one weekend trip together.

5. They will fill out the daily questionnaire and document everything on their blog “Forty Days of Dating.”

6. They will not see, date, hookup or have sex with anyone else.

The couple originally started the experiment in late March, but scheduled their posts to be released between July 10 and August 22. In the most recent post, Day 32, the couple appear closer than ever to leaving their readers nervously seated on the edge of their seats hoping for Tim and Jessica to be each other’s happily ever after.

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