‘Video Game High School’ Season One Is Now A Painfully Addictive 8-Bit Free Flash Game


Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold’s web series “Video Game High School” just got the 8-bit treatment. No, that doesn’t mean the show was bitten eight times by some type of rabid raccoon, it means that the series now has its own flash-based free-to-play online game.

Taking inspiration from classic 8 and 16-bit titles like “Contra,” “Paperboy” and “Super Mario,” the VGHS game offers “the most exciting moments of season one with each level.”

Matt Arnold, co-creator of VGHS explained the genesis of the game: “We had so much art that we had to create for Ki’s game in episode three, we thought it would be fun to actually make it playable.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 10.45.33 AM

I played through most of the game, which was developed by Sinclair Strange Studios, and I have to say this thing is a real time-suck — in a good way. Well, by “good way” I mean you will get little work done today because you’ll be playing this game and thusly probably get fired.

Seriously though, this game is insanely fun for both “VGHS” fans and people who just like killing time.

You can check out the free-to-play game here.


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