Video Titled ‘Caught This Guy Playing With Himself’ Isn’t What You’d Expect, But Proves 1 Is The Loneliest Number

There are two groups of people in the world: the ones who take the time to play fetch with their dogs, and the ones who make their dogs play alone while they stand by filming for the amusement of the world. The video above was created by the latter group of people, who have also been known to kick hobos to death.

Filmed by Ryan Faw in Kobe, Japan, the video “Caught This Guy Playing With Himself,” captures a small dog engaging in his favorite game. Since its upload, the video has gone viral but left many viewers expressing concern that the dog appeared to be homeless. Faw has since shared that the dog has a loving home and just loves spending his days playing fetch with the river instead of his family.

But at least this fetching lovin’ pup isn’t as lonely as these people:

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