VidIQ Launches Chrome Extension Showing Metrics And Previously Disabled Public YouTube Tags


With the tagline “Growing your YouTube audience is hard. We make it easy,” YouTube development / marketing organization VidIQ have given themselves a tall order to fill. The company promises to help creators grow their audiences with a simple suite of tools and best development practices. For example, earlier this year VidIQ launched a platform which allowed multi-channel networks to better connect with their creators through analytics and custom dashboards.

“Success on YouTube is about more than just views,” says Rob Sandie, CEO and co-founder of VidIQ. “There’s a lot of confusion about what metrics YouTube marketers should be paying attention to, and VidIQ Vision eliminates that confusion.”

The view gurus at VidIQ are at it again, this time with a new Google Chrome extension built specifically for YouTube creators, VidIQ Vision.


Vision, which works for every video on YouTube, not just your own uploads, will display detailed information including “Key Performance Indicators.” These indicators include VidIQ score, a numerical ranking that estimates the likelihood of a given video appearing in related and recommended videos, as well as average watch time, social media metrics and words per minute, which promotes the importance of fast-talking jump cuts in video engagement.

“Our extension provides brands with key insights into what the top creators are doing to drive growth, increase engagement, and create viral content,” explains Sandie. “We’ve created a powerful tool that every creator should be using.”


Possibly the most important aspect of the new extension is VidIQ’s unearthing of video tags. Last year, YouTube disabled public tags on YouTube videos to help reduce the frequency of spam videos that piggybacked on a popular upload by mirroring its tags. The new extension, however, will bring those tags to light allowing creators and marketers to see how their competition / contemporaries are handling their backend tagging.

Creators can download the new extension here.


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