Vine Grows Love: Curtis LePore & Jessi Smiles Have The Ultimate MeetCute [VIDEO]

So it turns out six seconds is all it takes to fall in love! According to fellow Viner Jerome Jarre, six seconds is also all it takes to be afraid of love, but that is a story for a different article. In the meantime, warm your cold hearts with the story of Curtis LePore, a Vine superstar with over a million followers and the story of his quest for love. Also, his awesome dog, Buster Beans, came along for the ride.

Curtis, who I met recently and can totally vouch for as a good guy (look for the upcoming interview footage), has been engaging in a series of social media flirtations with another Vine star, Jessi Smiles. They’ve been talking over the phone and Facetiming now for several weeks, and everything has been hunky-dory except for one small issue: Jessi lives in Miami and Curtis lives in Los Angeles. So, with everything going so well, Curtis decided to make a grand gesture (cue romantic music).

Staging a meetup in Washington Square Park in NYC on Sunday, Curtis asked to meet Jessi for the first time — in front of 5,000 fans! I don’t want to ruin it, but the video of the whole thing will make you want to fall in love too.

Congrats Curtis and Jessi — with the footage of the meetup now going viral as well, they truly are Vine royalty (kind of like me and Brittany Furlan — don’t tell her about us though). Aww, (Jeff wipes away a tear) I love a happy ending (Jeff’s internal monologue: “Don’t spoil this nice story with a massage parlor joke … don’t spoil this nice story with a massage parlor joke …”).

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