Viral Georgia Tech Speech Apparently Replaces ‘I Have A Dream…’ As ‘Greatest of All Time’ [VIDEO]

I am all for hyperbole to generate mouse clicks, but come-fucking-on most other media outlets … so many rags are calling this the “greatest speech of all time,” I think that Martin Luther King Jr. and Abe “Four score…” Lincoln must be punching at the insides of their coffins with skeletal knuckles.

What really fascinates me about sudden viral fame is the abrupt life shift that occurs with many of the weblebrities — take Nick Selby for instance. He’s currently a sophomore engineering major at Georgia Tech who gave this “best speech ever” as a convocation speech to incoming freshmen. To me, what’s really interesting is if this kid keeps on towards his engineering career or does he drop everything, move to Hollywood and get an agent. Does he spent the next several years attempting to recreate his one glorious moment in the spotlight of the digital stage? Or does he accept his “fame” as a transitory thing — a stroke of good fortune that is ultimately fleeting? The next few months will be interesting, but the likelihood is that if he remains on the Georgia Tech campus, he will at least probably get laid off of this. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what fame is really all about?

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