VitalyzdTV Gets Pranked By Prank vs. Prank And A ‘Psycho Fan’ At VidCon [VIDEO]

There are probably few things sweeter than a pranker getting their just desserts. In this case, it is Vitaly, host of the awesomely mean prank channel VitalyzdTV. Preyed upon like a cow being lowered into a Velociraptor cage, Vitaly innocently enters a hotel room at VidCon 2013 thinking he is there for a run-of-the-mill interview. Instead, he’s entered a trap equipped with hidden cameras and baited with an attractive woman (extreme help came from the fine folks at BlackBoxTv, says Jesse Welle. “BlackboxTv hooked it up.”).

So eager is Vitaly to get laid, that he strips down and allows the girl to handcuff him. Only then does the “real” interviewer show up and get tasered by the girl — who is actually a psychotic fan. You know this is real footage because Vitaly immediately begins shrieking for his handler to come save him — such a comical celebrity move.

At that point the Prank vs. Prank team busts into the room and owns his ass. I’ve gotta believe this happened after NMR interviewed him at VidCon, because when we spoke it certainly didn’t smell like he’d shit his pants.

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