Watch Link’s Master Sword Slice Watermelon And Fish In A New Episode of ‘Man At Arms’

Hey guys, it’s Geek Week. That means for the next few days your YouTube feed is going to be chock-full of all things traditionally considered “geeky.” And although the definition of what constitutes a geek is a little hazy in some cases, nothing, and I mean nothing, is more rooted in geek culture than Zelda lore and the Master Sword.

Crafted by the goddess Hylia, the Master Sword is bestowed only upon a hero worthy of its great power. The Master Sword is a video game touchstone, an icon that is as equally loved as Mario’s mustache or Cloud’s buster sword.

It comes as no surprise to anyone then that master swordsmith Tony Swatton is forging his very own Master Sword this week during a new episode of YouTube show “Man At Arms.”

Stick around for the whole video, shit gets real towards the end. And by “real” I mean they start slicing stuff with it.


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