Would You Believe That The Composer For Upcoming Movie ‘Elysium’ Was Discovered On YouTube?


If you’re an aspiring musician on YouTube who feels like you are getting nowhere, take some solace in the story of composer Ryan Amon. For years, Amon had been writing music for trailers and putting them on YouTube with little fanfare. So how did Amon go from YouTube trailer composer to the composer for upcoming sci-fi epic “Elysium?” According to Wired, it all started with an email.

After receiving a mysterious email that simply read, “Is this you?” with a link attached, it took Amon a minute to realize that this was a call up to the big leagues from “Elysium” director Neill Blomkamp. “I had to Google ‘Neill Blomkamp’ because I didn’t recognize his name, which is really embarrassing now,” Amon told Wired.

The director and Amon soon caught up via Skype where he was asked by Blomkamp to score “Elysium.” Amon spoke about the obvious shock he’s still feeling to this day in regards to the surprise opportunity: “The more people ask me about it, the more I realize how crazy it really is.”

Amon explained to Wired that Blomkamp’s ideas for the score were exactly what you would expect from the nontraditional director. “He kind of just let me go at it with this blank canvas,” said Amon who sampled “the hum of mosquitoes” and Tuvan throat singing for parts of the score.

You can hear Amon’s hard work on August 9, 2013 when “Elysium” hits theaters in the United States. For a sample, check out the film’s main theme below.


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