YouTube And Spike Jonze Want You To Submit Videos For A Super Secret Mystery Project

Director Spike Jonze needs your help. No, not with Kanye West’s next neon-lit, culture-probing music video; Jonze is actually working with YouTube now.

Going back to his music video roots, Jonze and YouTube are partnering up to work “on something big about music.” Okay, so that’s sort of cryptic but this is the guy who directed the music video for “Weapon of Choice”; I’ll vouch for him.

Here’s what the unusual duo need from you: a 30-second video explaining your favorite song or musician of 2013. “Dance it, recreate it for us in any way and send it to us. And in a few weeks we’ll get back to you with what we’re working on,” explains Jonze. Also, don’t forget to title it “Hi Spike” so YouTube can find it.

There you have it — Spike Jonze and YouTube are working on … something. Maybe it’s a crowdsourced follow up to “Where The Wild Things Are,” but probably not.


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